Bus transfer to the start

The shuttle bus will go from race finish to the start with the following stops on Saturday morning:

Mátraszentimre (5:15) – Mátraháza (5:35) – Gyöngyös (6:00) – Kisnána (6:30)

Hop-on points on Google Maps:

Start: 5:15 Mátraszentimre: Vadvirág hütte bus stop

Mátraháza: 5:35 bus station

Gyöngyös: 6:00 parking lot in front of Berze Grammar School

Kisnána, Castle ~6:30

Should you have any questions or you did not select shuttle bus at registration please contact me (Daniel Vizer) via Messenger or via phone at +36709677827

See you soon. For the time being enjoy your time getting ready for the race.

This is gonna be awesome!

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